My Baby Registry and Guide

When I first started looking into the baby registry list, I was overwhelmed. With so many baby products in the market, I didn’t know where to begin! Fortunately, I spoke to a close friend who was super helpful and went through the similar process last year. She guided me to a list of products that worked amazing for her. Although everyone has different experiences and needs,  it’s always good to take suggestions, recommendations and get ideas. I also spoke with my other friends, families and co-workers, and was able to organize my thoughts better. I started making categories and listed what I think are important for each category. Obviously, I am not including everything but putting products into categories makes me organize basics together.

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My Baby Registry List



  • Baby Loungers OR Bassinet (I’m getting this Bassinet)
  • Crib (I am obsessing over Cribs from Target – I love this one) – Not planning to buy it till the baby is few months old! For now, Bassinet is a MUST
  • Baby Monitor (Still haven’t picked any yet! Suggestions? Anyone?)
  • Diaper Pail (Got this Diaper Genie here)




  • Bathtub (This one but got the one in blue)
  • Towels/Robes (how cute is THIS!!! Seriously)
  • Wash Cloths



Honestly, the list is endless once you get into it. That’s why I decided to focus on what is really needed for the new born. There are going to be more products that are going to come along the way but this is definitely a good start for the baby registry.

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